Foot Drop System XFT-2001D

Foot Drop System XFT-2001D

Some device types may be more suitable for specific activities than others and some individuals may need several different prosthetic devices to engage in a number of different activities. At I.A.S Services we emphasize the importance of an Initial Prosthetic Assessment. Our interest is in working with our clients to determine what their functional goals are and how best to achieve them, through the use of appropriate techniques, technology and training. Experienced amputees know that if a prosthesis does not fulfill some personal requirement, it will not be worn.

Foot Drop System XFT
The following diseases that cause foot drop may benefit from XFT-2001D Drop System System:
  • Stroke
  • Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
Stim Unit & Cuff

Advanced ergonomic design makes the electrode fit the leg muscles.

Ultra-thin design makes the device can be covered by trousers perfectly.

Magnetic clasp for one-handed operation.

Quick-fit Electrode

Based on anatomical design, the electrode can cover the peroneal nerve precisely.

Made by fibers and conducted by water, the electrode is more comfortable and durable than gel electrode.

One electrode for one person, avoid cross-infection and keep the cuff clean.

Button style installation makes the electrode replacement much easier.

Working Principle
Foot Drop System XFT
To use the G3 Foot Drop System

Take out the Quick-fit electrode, and wet it with water.

Foot Drop System XFT

Fit the Quick-fit electrode to the Cuff

Foot Drop System XFT

Wear the Cuff on the leg below the knee, and keep the yellow mark aligned with the tibia.

Foot Drop System XFT

Turn on the Stim Unit and Remote Control, select "Gait" or "Training" mode by the Remote Control, and start by pressing the Play/Pause button.

Foot Drop System XFT
Product Configuration
Foot Drop System XFT
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"Not only do they fit correctly, but my chronic feet and knee pains have become only 'once and a while' pains vs non-stop every day pain."

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"I used to have constant heel pain due to 2 spurs on each foot, Achilles pain and low back pain. I no longer have any of those pains as long as I am consistent in wearing my orthotics."

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Rani Jaiswal Kanpur

I.A.S is the best in the area. When I refer a patient to them, I have every confidence that their work is excellent and the follow-up care is outstanding!"

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